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Everyday in America, someone somewhere is buying, selling or refinancing their home. And behind the scenes there are people like those at Liberty Title And Escrow Detail-Minded Professionals, who conduct in-depth searches to find and remedy any problems for the seller, buyer, borrower, or lender. Boundary disputes, liens, assessments, undisclosed heirs - the list of possible problems is considerable. We look for these problems and we make every effort to resolve them, so the deal can close and the home buyer can move in with peace of mind.

Title Insurance

- When you buy a home or real property, you are given a title to the property, which generally means you receive full legal ownership. Sometimes, there is a hidden mistake in a prior deed, will, mortgage, etc., that may give someone else a valid legal claim against your property! For new real property and homebuyers, title insurance protects against loss if a covered defect
is found in the title to your home or real property. It offers you information on the status of the title to land before you buy or refinance and protects against title claims
that may affect the title after you buy. Having title insurance can save you
money, time, trouble, even your home, business or investment! ​

Closing Process

- Conduct in-depth title search and examination.

- Order payoffs of mortgages and liens, collect taxes and assessments, and
seek out and obtain releases of prior liens. 

- Act as closing agent pursuant to the instructions of the buyer, seller and

- Explain closing documents and answer questions related to the closing. 

- Serve as escrow and disbursing agent for all funds and distribute funds at

- Act as fiduciary agent to prepare and record documents in accordance with contract, lender instructions and state & federal laws.

Short Sale Negotiations

In real estate, a short sale is when a bank or mortgage lender agrees to discount a loan balance due to an economic hardship on the part of the mortgagee. Extenuating circumstances delegate whether or not banks will discount a loan balance. These circumstances are usually related to the current real estate   market climate and the individual borrower's financial situation.

- A short sale typically is executed to prevent a home foreclosure. Often a bank will choose to allow a short sale if they believe that it will result in a smaller financial loss than foreclosing..Our Shortsale Experts have established relationships with all the Local and National Banks to secure a smooth and hassle free Short Sale Experience.

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